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Submission Trends

by Matt McBride Though the work we receive here at Cincinnati Review is always eclectic, we do occasionally notice odd trends in what comes over the transom. Here are two that have cropped up lately. Poems, including a sestina, about Lady Gaga: This is, we suppose, not surprising. It’s just the way the world is headed. In fact, there’s a proposal in Congress right now to do away with the outdated practice of putting the stern, gnarled faces of dead presidents on our currency and replace them with  covers from Lady Gaga albums.  “Could I get four The Fame’s...

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“Remedial Weeding”: Why We Like It

Okay, blog-readers, get ready for our sixth pupil-dilating installment of  “Why We Like It”—weekly reflections by our  volunteers on why the good stuff in our pages is the good stuff in our pages. Little known fact: Our volunteers often act out the pieces they intend to write on, and the staff really enjoys these little performances, especially if there are props involved and someone remembers to microwave popcorn. Occasionally, however, a volunteer gets a little too immersed in his role, which is why there’s now a jagged crevasse in the middle of our office floor. While “weeding” the decades-old,...

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Cincinnati Review on NPR

Thanks to Richard Russo for giving a shout out to Cincinnati Review on this past weekend’s All Things Considered. Check out the interview, in which he discusses Brendan Mathews’s story “My Last Attempt to Explain to You What Happened with the Lion Tamer,” first published in our pages then reprinted in Best American Short Stories 2010. Click on the image below to hear the...

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Holiday Deal!

Do you have a friend, relative, or spouse who enjoys hot, portable beverages, carrying things in satchels, and reading engaging, eclectic poetry and fiction? Do they enjoy doing these simultaneously? OMG we have a deal for you! For just $25 you can get a one-year subscription to Cincinnati Review, a CR sling pack, and a CR thermos. Write us at and we’ll set something...

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New Issue Teaser: Rader, Walker, France de Bravo

According to our sources, the very large truck circling campus contains our new issue! Unfortunately, the driver is apparently unable to locate the mossy nook we call our office. But do not worry!  Editor Matt McBride is in hot pursuit. After only three mile-long laps, the distance between Matt and the truck has barely widened. We hope he catches it soon. We are almost out of popcorn. Go, Matt! In the meantime, enjoy some more comments from our contributors: Dean Rader: One of the recurring themes of my book, Works & Days, is the notion that the self is...

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New Issue Teaser: Richard Lyons, Travis Mossotti, Martha Silano

The proofs for our Winter 2011 issue have arrived in the office, and the artwork by Tobin Sprout looks terrific.  To celebrate the new issue (which is a euphemism for “because we want you to subscribe”), we’ll be doling out some behind-the-scenes bonus material each week.  We asked all of our contributors to comment on their poems and stories, and here’s what poets Richard Lyons, Travis Mossotti, and Martha Silano had to say: Richard Lyons: “Eyebrows” is part of a series about body parts, as strange as that sounds, and is my attempt to address tribal angst without much...

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Winner of the Schiff Prize in Prose

Michael Griffith on Theodore Wheeler’s Prize-Winning Story: In Theodore Wheeler’s “The Current State of the Universe,” a man working for a professional vengeance service discovers that the arithmetic of justice may turn out to be, on second thought, more like the hopelessly bewildering multivariable calculus of justice. The piece is a fantastic example of a high-concept story that manages to do wonderfully playful, inventive things without ever feeling like a riff or a vehicle for an author who’s showing off his chops. Wheeler perfectly and poignantly balances the psychological plight of his protagonist with the high-wire act of the...

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Contest Winners and Notables

We’re pleased to announce that Ashley Seitz Kramer’s poem “Winter Storyboard” and Theodore Wheeler’s short story “The Current State of the Universe” are the winners of this year’s Robert and Adele Schiff Prizes in Poetry and Prose, judged by Don Bogen and Michael Griffith. Both pieces will appear in the May 2011 issue of The Cincinnati Review. Don also selected the following contest-entry poems to publish in the May issue: “Year of the Rat” by Elizabeth Kerlikowske “The Catherine Wheel” by Emily Viggiano “Ovid” by Jeanne Wagner Michael selected the following prose entries as honorable mentions: Fiction “Saluting the...

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Contest Countdown

Only two weeks left to submit your poetry, fiction, or nonfiction to the Robert and Adele Schiff Prizes in Poetry and Prose. Winners receive a cash prize as well as publication in The Cincinnati Review (all entries considered by editors for publication). See our website for more...

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