We just wanted to send a quick reminder that our Robert and Adele Schiff Prizes in poetry and prose submission period will close at the end of this month. Aside from the honor of possibly winning a contest from a superior literary journal (one that was recently ranked in the nation’s top twenty we might humbly add), you could also receive $300! Why, with that kind of money you could do almost anything. You could get fifteen BeDazzlers! You could get five tickets to see Chicago at the Majestic Theatre, August 10, in San Antonio! So unless your some kind of moral degenerate who doesn’t like the band Chicago, you should send us some work.

But what about the entry fee, you say? Bah. The price for one submission is a mere $15. What could you possibly buy with that? Why, $15 will barely get you two copies of Tom Hanks’s The Money Pit, used! What would you do with two copies of the Money Pit? And, for a mere $25 you get the contest fee AND a year’s subscription to Cincinnati Review! A subscription to CR will quickly pay for itself. We found that CR subscribers, on average, pay 23% less on their heating and cooling bills than people without a subscription. Further, double-blind studies have shown that CR subscribers are more physically attractive than non-subscribers. What are you waiting for? Are you too busy watching your used copy of The Money Pit? Enter today!

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