So the result of the game of the month was (inhale, hold) . . . we stumped you. Verily, it is an arduous test, so we blame you not. However, two intrepid souls ventured outside the box (or test square, if you will) and came up with, er, not answers exactly, but augmentations that we judge deserving of recognition. If we were British aristocrats, we’d call them the wittiest japes of the season.

ASIDE: Actually, the staff suspects associate editor Matt McBride is a Brit hiding out at CR in an effort to escape his dark past. If you listen closely when he talks, his American accent is just a tad off.

Back to the contest participants: So . . . these two jackanapes get a prize. Please contact us via editors[at]cincinnatireview[dot]com to claim your slingpack, thermos, or issue.

Tune in tomorrow if you want to know who won this year’s Schiff Prizes in Poetry and Prose!

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