This year, at the Associated Writing Programs conference in Washington, D.C., Cincinnati Review, Mid-American Review, and Ninth Letter will be offering a combined subscription to all three journals for only $33. That’s right, at AWP and only at AWP you can get your mitts on the Midwest’s most precious resource (not counting soybeans and corn) for practically a pittance. Normally, a one-year subscription to Cincinnati Review is $15; for Mid-American Review it’s also $15; and for Ninth Letter it’s $21.95. If you take advantage of our *special AWP offer,* this leaves you with a whopping, yes I said whopping, savings of $18.95. With that kind of savings you could buy four copies of Howard the Duck, used, on DVD! Or you could buy a wooden hut for your chinchilla—or a Jonas Brothers T-shirt! Really, with a deal like this, the world is your multiple pearl-packing oyster (or the literary equivalent). Please stop by the table for Cincinnati Review, Mid-American Review, or Ninth Letter at the AWP book fair to sign up. This is perhaps the greatest deal since William H. Seward purchased Alaska for two cents an acre. Perhaps even greater than Arby’s dollar menu. Don’t miss out!

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