Attribute it to post-AWP punchiness, but for this month’s contest, we’re going to try something a little risky. At the mag, we’re all writers too, which is to say we’ve all been rejected, numerous times, which is to say we know well the lowering moment of finding a form response in the mailbox’s mournful maw—or the inbox’s sorrowful cybercircuitry. That last bit of overripe ridiculousness should set the tone for the contest, whose purpose is to dull rejection’s power to pierce us. Basically, we want you to devastate us with your own worst rejection note—one you make up. No actual, real-life rejections, please, because that is just going to make us feel crappy.

Especially if they are from us, because contrary to popular myth, we don’t enjoy rejecting submissions. In fact, we die a little every time we do it, and none of us has slept in years.

So send us you best imaginary rejection letters, and we’ll award logo–emblazoned thermoses or slingpacks to our winners next week. To enter, simply post your comments on the blog by clicking the post title above. (Due to the volume of spam we receive, we have to approve each comment individually, so bear with us as we upload your entry.)

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