The Cincinnati Review: Our Anthological Progeny

Sometimes the work we publish continues on. Here’s where, so far:


Best American Essays

Alan Shapiro, “Why Write” (2.1) (Best American Essays 2006)


Best American Fantasy

Christian Moody, “In the Middle of the Woods” (4.1) (Best American Fantasy 2)


Best American Mystery Stories

Christopher Merkner, “Last Cottage” (7.1) (Best American Mystery Stories 2011)

Thisbe Nissen, “Win’s Girl” (4.2) (Best American Mystery Stories 2008)


Best American Poetry

Julianna Baggott, “For Furious Nursing Baby” (7.2) (Best American Poetry 2012)

Maureen Bloomfield, “The Catholic Encyclopedia” (1.1) (Best American Poetry 2005)

Marianne Boruch, “The Doctor” (4.2) (Best American Poetry 2009)

Joseph Chapman, “Sparrow” (7.2) (Best American Poetry 2012)

Rachel Hadas, “Bird, Weasel, Fountain” (2.2) (Best American Poetry 2006)

Tony Hoagland, “In a Quiet Town by the Sea” (1.2) (Best American Poetry 2005)

Joy Katz, “Just a second ago” (1.2) (Best American Poetry 2006)

Joy Katz, “Death Is Something Entirely Else” (7.2) (Best American Poetry 2012)

James Kimbrell, “How to Tie a Knot” (7.2) (Best American Poetry 2012)

Marilyn Nelson, “Albert Hinckley” (2.2) (Best American Poetry 2006)

Eric Pankey, “Sober Then Drunk Again” (7.2) (Best American Poetry 2012)

D. A. Powell, “Bugcatching at Twilight” (7.1) (Best American Poetry 2011)

Dean Rader, “Self-Portrait as Dido to Aeneas” (7.2) (Best American Poetry 2012)

Don Russ, “Girl with Gerbil” (8.1) (Best American Poetry 2012)

Alan Shapiro, “Misjudged Fly Ball” (2.1) (Best American Poetry 2006)

Martha Silano, “Love” (5.1) (Best American Poetry 2009)


Best American Short Stories

Brendan Mathew, “My Last Attempt to Explain to You What Happened with the Lion Tamer” (6.1) (Best American Short Stories 2010)


Best Creative Nonfiction

Julianna Baggott, “Literary Murder” (4.1) (Best Creative Nonfiction volume 3, 2009)


Best New American Voices

Jacob Rubin, “Little Stones, Little Pistols, Little Clash” (5.2) (Best New American Voices 2009)


New Stories from the Midwest

Steve De Jarnatt, “Mulligan” (8.2) (New Stories from the Midwest 2012)

Christie Hodgen, “Bedtime Stories for the Middle-Aged” (6.1) (New Stories from the Midwest 2011)

Micah Riecker, “The Drowned Girl” (6.2) (New Stories from the Midwest 2011)


New Stories from the South

Robert Olen Butler, “Severance” (1.1) (New Stories from the South 2005)


Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses

Dan Albergotti, “What They’re Doing” (4.1) Pushcart Prize XXXIII (2008)

Dawn Lonsinger, “Emergency Brake” (5.2) Pushcart Prize XXXV (2011)

Jane Springer, “Murder Ballad” (6.2) Pushcart Prize XXXVI (2012)

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