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Five (well, technically ten) Golden Tickets

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Yep, it’s our tenth. And if you’ve been reading our blog posts and status updates, you know celebratory mailings and events are spilling like silk scarves out of the CR tophat. But there’s one we haven’t mentioned yet—the equivalent of the coveted rainbow scarf, rainbow meaning it’s got it all, that we’re going all out, or all in, or a combination of those and some other confusing, very nearly meaningless phrases. Yes, friends, we mean we’re having a gala. In Seattle. When many of you fine writer types will be there. A gala involving fancy hors d’oeuvres (like shrimp toast), and free drinks at the extremely sleek-looking bar, and a huge saltwater fishtank (a WALL of FISH), and a synapse-leaping lineup of readers (Kevin Prufer, Jamie Quatro, Roger Reeves, and Joanna Scott), not to mention a lot of extremely experienced listeners. There’s only one hitch: You have to be invited. We wish there were shrimp toast for all, but the seas are already overfished, so we have to be careful of the numbers. Still, we want to see our most passionate subscribers, those of you who murmur lines from our pages in your sleep, who develop restless leg syndrome when you know a new issue is in the mail. To you—actually only five of you—we offer a chance to attend our swanky offsite soiree (Friday, February 28, from 7 to 10) and to bring a friend. In other words, the first five people to open the current issue of CR and respond to this post with the first four words (a bit of dialogue) on page 71 get the CR tenth-anniversary full monty. By which we mean an invitation and a spare (for a pal)—not that we will get naked. Okay, Trapp might get naked.

We won’t approve the responses until we receive five—which means you can’t cheat by copying someone else. Submit your entry by commenting on this post (click the title). Subscribers, run for your 10.2’s!

Saddle Up for Seattle

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Join us at Unicorn, everyone, for this oh-so-special AWP Thursday. Our lineup thus far: in poetry Chelsea Wagenaar, Mark Wagenaar, and Jehanne Dubrow; in fiction, Ian Stansel and Colin Winnette. Listen in bliss while scarfing fried ginger and jalapeno pork balls and guzzling drinks called the Shay Shay Mar Mar and the Gavin MacLeod. Something is guaranteed to make your eyes roll back in your head. We mean ALL the way back. In a good way. Unless you hate cute, colorful unicorns—in which case it’s okay if you don’t come, but you might consider getting some counseling.

LIKE us on Facebook and join our event. All the details are there!

Monsters of the Midwest Take Seattle

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Hey, Space Needle, you think you’re towering? You ain’t seen nothing. We Monsters of the Midwest are going to **literary reference alert** throw a Buick at you. You think you’re observation central? We’re going to **here’s another one** outgaze you into the abyss. You think you’re where the party starts, Seattle-wise? Wrongers. It starts at Unicorn (well, technically at Narwhal, which is, confusingly, inside Unicorn). At least, it will when Cincinnati Review, Mid-American Review, and Ninth Letter hit your burg in February like a belletristic battering ram. Like an erudite Godzilla. Like a supervillain who’s really good at Scrabble—and also from the Midwest. AWP is approaching, O pointy one, and come Thursday, February 27, you’re going to be shaking in your . . . girders or rivets or something else metal. That, or wishing you could hear a really awesome reading by really awesome readers whose names will be announced when we figure out who they are. Space Needle, have you ever noticed how you kind of look like a big unicorn horn with a fried ginger and jalapeno pork ball stuck on the tip? Maybe that’s where the kitchen types at Unicorn got the idea. For the pork balls. Which sound good if you eat meat, but even if you don’t, there are lots of other bizarrely yummy sounding food options and day-glo **we made that up, but it would be pretty cool** drinks called things like the Shay Shay Mar Mar and the Gavin MacLeod. Space Needle, this whole direct-address business is getting sort of strained, but if you wanted to make sure to attend this powerfully cute event, you’d mark your calendar now and write 6:30 to 8:30 under AWP/MONSTERS. And under that, in smaller print, check blog later for more details.