Assistant Editor Brian Trapp executes a tight 7-point turn.

Welcome, Poetry Daily readers!

We of The Cincinnati Review are honored and humbled to have had seven poems from our pages (Issues 7.2 and 8.1) selected by Mark Doty for The Best American Poetry 2012, making us, along with The New Yorker, the most-represented journal in the anthology. Congratulations go to Poetry Editor Don Bogen and former Associate and Assistant Editors Peter Grimes, Heather Hamilton, Matt McBride, and Christian Moody, and of course to the poets themselves: Julianna Baggott, Joseph Chapman, Joy Katz, James Kimbrell, Eric Pankey, Dean Rader, and Don Russ. (For a complete list of our anthology credits, please click here.)

To commemorate this good news, we’re giving away free one-year subscriptions to the first seven people who respond to editors[at]cincinnatireview[dot]com with “BAPx7” in the subject line. For respondents eight through infinity, the deal is “buy one subscription, get one free,” which applies to subscriptions of any length. This holiday season, give yourself and a fellow bookworm the gift of great lit!

Our Winter 2013 issue (9.2, in packages at left) is out now.

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