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Announcing 9.1

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Our summer issue is in the house! If you’re a subscriber, a tidy envelope full of blinding literary light will make its way to you next week. If you are not a subscriber, Santa knows this, and there will be repercussions.

With the issue’s arrival comes the opportunity to pit your proofreading skills against those of CR’s editorial cadre. We call it the Blue Pencil Prize. In short, if you spot a typo or other error in the pages of volume 9, number 1, report it by commenting on this post (click the post title to comment), and we’ll mail you—along with a blue Col-Erase pencil, the old-timey editor’s tool of choice—either a logo-emblazoned slingpack or thermos, or we’ll add an extra issue to your subscription. Up to you. Happy proofing!

Contest News!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Sound the kazoos! Entrants, you can now submit using our Submission Manager—and pay using our online-buy function. We look forward to reading your poems, stories, and essays.

On Caffeine, the Contest, and Mad Quackery

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Hi there blog followers. Sorry for our stretch of silence. We all were hospitalized for the excessive coffee/burrito consumption that we required to survive the last weeks of spring term. Turns out Trehalose, Lactic Acid, and Torula Yeast (ingredients in Taco Bell’s seasoned beef) don’t combine well with massive doses of caffeine. We no longer have stomachs, though we’ve discovered stomachs are not strictly necessary if you put yourself in the hands of the right mad scientists.

So we’re back—and still trying to work out the mechanism that will allow contest entrants to submit and pay online. We are on the cusp of making it happen. And you have till the end of July to submit, so no worries . . . yet. A note about the contest: each entry includes a year’s subscription to the mag, so if you enter twice, that’s a two-year subscription, three times is a three-year subscription, and so on. If you would prefer to make any of the additional subscriptions gifts to family members or friends, just drop us a line to that effect (editors [at] cincinnatireview [dot] com).

In Anticipation: Contributor Comments from Ball, Barger, and Weiner

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

We’re in a frenzy of anticipation as we await the moment when Issue 9.1 will arrive in our humble suite. We’ve taken to peering out the door and squeezing the feeling from each others’ hands, and of course we’ll all shriek in a shattering-glass-type register when we spot a delivery person with a pile of heavy boxes. Apologies to the colleague down the hall. We sort of attacked him as he was moving into a new office and possibly ruptured his eardrums (if the blood was any indication). Our mistake.

As we continue to wait oh so impatiently, we pass the time rhapsodizing over our favorite pieces. To share the pining spirit, we post below some contributor comments along the lines of love and longing.

Angela Ball: “Testimony” contains thoughts of an itinerant life. I was remembering how in a small town you were always seeing the person you were secretly in love with—he would show up with unnerving frequency—as if thoughts could summon a person. The Apricot Stars played for Apricot Street in New Orleans long ago—my boyfriend’s father was pitcher, and his uncle was catcher. His mother met his father by coming to the games. It was a happy thing.

John Wall Barger: A few years ago I briefly dated a beautiful woman. Her exes and lovers began appearing everywhere. When we were out for dinner. On walks. They waved from trucks. They were even on TV. I am not usually a jealous person, but I felt overwhelmed by this onslaught. I started to think of these people she’d been involved with—all her admirers, in fact, which were many—as a kind of herd, or a single hydra creature, drawn by the gravitational pull of her beauty. They seemed to hover and glide with her when she entered a room. In dealing with my jealousy, I tolerated them, and then learned to sincerely appreciate them.

Joshua Weiner: When Sarah asked me out on a first date, to see Mel Gibson’s Hamlet (1990; and vastly underrated), I had already seen it with some friends a few nights before. “Oh yeah,” I floundered nonchalantly, “I’ve been meaning to see that.” The next night I drove across the Bay Bridge, from Oakland to San Francisco. She made a pesto lasagna for dinner that was near fucking Platonic. But our friendship would not long remain so. We went to the movie in a theater near her North Beach neighborhood. The first line of the poem begins the rest of the story. Reader, I married her.

Contest Update

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Our contest is officially open! Unfortunately, we’re still trying to configure Submission Manager so that you can pay your entry fee securely online at the same time you submit your piece(s) for consideration. Of course, the old-fashioned way always works. You can wait a bit for us to work out the kinks in our system, or you can send us your entries via snail mail, including a check for $25. Remember that the entry fee includes a year’s subscription. We’re excited to see what comes our way this year. Last year’s winners appear in the issue that is due in our office any day!